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Osorno Volcano Caves Excursion

Output bordering Lake Llanquihue to the Osorno Volcano Ski Center,

Starting the ascent to the volcano Osorno

Bubble Crater
Located 6 kilometers from Ensenada, the road climbing Osorno Volcano in the P. N. Peres Vicente Rosales, is the bubble Crater, 20 vertical feet down with ropes, and then begin a 50-meter into one of the craters of Volcano Osorno, where we will see the traces left over from the lava and more than 130 years ago

Separated by 100 meters from the crater's Bubble, is Crater Cave, access is far less air, with only down about 6 meters equipped with handrails and stairs allows us to access this tunnel, formed by the descent of the magma and bubbles gas, with 70 meters of travel shows impressive caves created by nature

Later we will go to 1,200 meters. altitude and from whose heights you get a spectacular view of Lake Llanquihue, volcanoes and valleys. Free time to enjoy the beauty of the volcano Osorno. And the mountain resort


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