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Chiloé: Ancud Castro - Dalcahue

Leaving Puerto Varas via Route Panamerican taking southward to reach Pargua, where we board a ferry and cross the Chacao channel to enter the Big Island of Chiloé. And then the city of Ancud visit Fort San Antonio (1770) last redoubt where Spanish flag flutter in Chile (1826) subsequently Fair awaits us with its rich culture, mythology, history shows us that the mix between Spanish and aboriginal populated area. Ancud show us a very particular architecture, CASTRO: Capital city of the province of Chiloé, founded by the Spaniards February 12, 1567. Ahead with his San Francisco church that has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Inside you'll see images that were brought from Spain, and also see the Jesus Nazareno de Caguach. In the vicinity can see the "houses" which are houses built on stilts, which are located on the sea. Its great fairs, crafts shows typical native wood and beautiful garments woven wool sheep at the hands of women of Chiloé.

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Crossing Canal de Chacao navigation 40 minutes

Mett San Antonio Fort
Regional Museum
Visit centenarian Churches of world heritage
Get a broad perspective of Chiloe mythology
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