Presents landscapes and beautiful cities, which are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Chile adorned by the majestic mountains of the Andes with its snow, ice eternal and endless forests of native green everywhere.

Offers the traveler many opportunities to enjoy depending on the time of year when you visit. During the winter many various volcanoes in the area will welcome you with its immaculate white robe and receive Sky lovers in beautiful hillside in the midst of nature with breathtaking view over the lakes of the area, cozy winter equipped shelters and lifts that will make it more comfortable practicing this beautiful sport. In a insurmountable.

The Spas are another excellent option, generally have a good infrastructure and are located at the foot of mountain and volcanoes, and inserts into the middle of the Valdivian jungle that surrounds them. It is possible to travel in the vicinity of the multiple paths that cut through lush vegetation.
Besides the cities of the area and the picturesque towns of the region gave a perspective on the lives of its inhabitants at the southern end of the world, all of them marked by the influence that led to the German colonization, which can be seen clearly in its architecture, cuisine and design of the same cities, plus invitation to imbibe the culture of beautiful land.

In Summer. Recreational fishing in the crystal waters of rivers and lakes that offer excellent conditions for catching trout and salmon, as well as sports activities like trekking, kayak, mountain bike, will give a different perspective of this land of dreams. The contact with nature continues with a visit to the Humboldt and Magellanic penguins that arrive to the big island of Chiloé each year to nest.
Cities and towns are dressed with flowers and summer colors to receive the numerous tourists who visit them, appreciating the architecture of the product of strong German influence German colonization began in the mid nineteenth century.